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Computerized Stringing Machine JES-8800
  • Country of origin:TAIWAN 
  • Use: Strings drawing machine 
  • Product introduction: The latest models of 2020 net feather, computer - linear, removable electronic box, screw synchronization,racket system, self-elastic base, induction contact cable system, all-aluminum low chassis design.
  • Patented technology:
1. Patented screw synchronization center racket structure, fast network feather rackets can be switched.
2. Patented self-bouncing clip base, the bottom of the reinforced support.
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  • Tennis badminton universal synchronous frame racket
  • Three-claw badminton fixation frame racket system
  • Computer-direct tension type
  • Patent removable electronic box
  • Induction type bead clip starting switch
  • Screw synchronous frame racket adjustment system
  • Low profile aluminum alloy foot bottom plate,semi hidden drawer
  • Adjustable turntable damper 
  • Patent gyroscope pull wire wheel
  • Adjustable frame racket rotating disc damper
  • Patent simultaneously movable frame racket midcle column screw
  • Adjustable angle type frame supporting seat
  • Patent automatic elastic open vire clip base
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy tri pod group
  • Pacent quick release type tennis badminton changing system
  • Electroforming type diamond sand clamp 
  • Adopts new design, artistic and elegant appearance.
  • Setting available from 9 lbs to 84 lbs, obvious calibration, high accuracy. 
  • String machine to be easy to operate and durable, the tension devices with hardening processing, durable, nips the string to be tight, no slip. 
  • The turn table has good adjustment extent, available for the badminton racket and tennis racket. 
  • Frame foundation could be circumgyrated 360 degree to easy to stringing. 
  • Selection superb. fine workmanship, good quality. 
  • Reasonable structure, easy maintenance.

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