PRODUCT - Badminton Rackets


  • product model:LOKI 7000
  • Frame:JAPAN TORAY 40T Woven Reinforced U-HM Nano Graphite
  • Shaft:JAPAN TORAY 40T U-HM Nano Graphite/7.2 SHAFT
  • Weight:85+/-2G
  • Balance:295+/-5mm
  • Flex:Stiff (8.0~8.4)
  • Tension:26-30Lbs
  • Power:8
  • Stringing pattern:88 Holes
  • Country of origin:Taiwan
Loki, the most rebellious and mysterious god in the Nordic mythology, belongs to the tribe of Giant.
He has a lot of nicknames; such as, the God of Treacherous, Deformer, Skywalker, Air Traveler, etc.; he is the god who has a very rich character.
Due to his desire of rebelling, he becomes so different than others.
LOKI 7000 has two different frames on each side: the green aero frame and the blue box frame.
The unique purple color and the diamond-blue coating make LOKI 7000 the most vicious and powerful racket.
R&D and design from Japan, Loki 7000 equips two different frames.
The aero frame makes the defenses faster and the box frame makes the attacks more stable. And its shaft has a great elasticity which helps hitting more easier.