PRODUCT - Badminton Rackets


  • product model:THOR 8000
  • Frame:JAPAN TORAY 40T Kevlar Reinforced U-HM Nano Graphite
  • Shaft:JAPAN TORAY 40T U-HM Nano Graphite/7.2 SHAFT
  • Weight:85+/-2G
  • Balance:295+/-5mm
  • Flex:Stiff (8.0~8.4)
  • Tension:26-30Lbs
  • Power:9
  • Stringing pattern:88 Holes
  • Country of origin:TAIWAN
Thor is the god who is in charge of the war and the agriculture in the Norse mythology.
Nordic people believe that whenever a thunderstorm comes, it is Thor traveling in his carriage for inspection, hence he is also called as the “God of Thunder.”
In addition to Thor’s own force, the Quake, his hammer, is the weapon making him invincible.
Because of THOR 8000’s integrally formed octagonal rod, the racket has increased its resistance of torque from the frame to the shaft.
With its impeccable 8-angle technology, the racket is just like the Quake having the infinite force.
THOR 8000 has a unique octagonal shaft which can make the hitting more stable. Equipped with the KEVLAR fiber, the design of this racket is inspired by Quake, the weapon of Thor.