PRODUCT - Shuttlecocks

Feather Shuttlecocks - PROAERO 3 high-intensity team game ball

Feather Shuttlecocks - PROAERO 3 high-intensity team game ball
  • product model:PROAERO3
  • product color:White
  • product information: 1st grades Cihu duck feathers
The RROAERO3 adopts premium duck feathers
that has good durability and performance.
It is tested strictly that every shuttlecock
is very stable while flying.
The construction is complete.
It can also bear heavy smashes.

Top grade duck feathers: Arranging evenly makes flying more stably.
Straight and thick feathers: Hard to be bended.
Head: Composite cork head.
Coil: Firm and clean.
Special glue

JNICE exclusive feather treatment technology:
1. Select high-quality duck feathers growing over 90 days
2. Wash with warm water to leave the grease completely.
3. Natural drying effectively improve the impact resistance.



Each feather and procedure is carefully guarded.
1st step: Wind tunnel test before glue rolling make sure its 100% stability
2ed step: Flight stability test after glue rolling.
3rd step: Analysis of landing point parameters.



Our production advantages such as:

  1. Cutting of feathers precisely
  2. Inserting feathers automatically
  3. Automatic glue injection system
  4. Automatic wire-tying machine
  5. Wind tunnel test
  6. Efficient coil rolling machine
  7. Flight grading test of ball speed
  8. Labelling
  9. Thick and perfect appearance