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Mobile Plastic Court - YJ-20148 mobile plastic court (gemstone pattern)

Mobile Plastic Court - YJ-20148 mobile plastic court (gemstone pattern)
  • product model:YJ-20148
Volume width: 1.8m
Roll length: 15m
Thickness: 4.8mm
Wear layer: 2.0mm
Paving the number of pieces: 4
Life: 8 years

Product Description:

4.8mm gem sports gel, a new JNICE high cost of professional sports to glue, the surface of the special appearance of the product development, and high-tech material structure of the product won the appearance of design and utility model technology two national patents.

Product Features:

1, excellent selection of healthy and environmental protection

The floor is made of 100% transparent PVC material. It passed the test of quality and environmental protection of China National Sporting Goods Supervision and Testing Center. It has no recycled materials, no formaldehyde, no poison and health and environmental protection.

2, the patent that the quality of excellence

Won the national appearance design, utility model two-way patent honored products, excellent quality, innovation ability authoritative.

3, wear-resistant, durable more durable

Gem-shaped PVC wear-resistant surface layer + PVC sandwich layer in the middle, 1.2mm wear-resistant plate structure, improve the durability and stability of the board, 8 years of service life without worries.

4, compact cushioning comfortable exercise characteristics

Compact buffer to create, not only can increase the floor elasticity, but also provide a good floor shock absorption and excellent cushioning exercise characteristics. Combined with JNICE's unique "Y" pattern anti-mobile floor, make the floor durable, comfortable and safe.

5, high cost

Industry market with the same quality products, JNICE 4.8mm small stone sports gel superior sports performance, more reasonable price year on year, for the professional badminton venue, a good choice for cost-effective.

6. BWF certification